What is BusinessPoint?

BusinessPoint is a business simulation which is organised in Istanbul via the participation of 60 students from the TOP 6 ranking universities of Turkey. BusinessPoint consists of 5 Points which are aimed to challange participants from different scopes of the business life. The event narrows the scope of participants to fundamental areas of business. Business Point offers immense networking opportunities for participants and allows them to connect with highly influential business leaders.

Marketing Point

Based on a real marketing case provided by a world-renown partner, 10 teams made of 6 random participants will compete. Marketing point will enhance the ability of Business Point attendees in terms of assessing the correct marketing decisions. Teams will present their case solution to the partner company and will be assessed according to their participation.

Finance Point

Relying on a finance case provided by a world renown financial institution, 10 teams made of 6 random participants will try to excel the quantitative challenges ahead of them. Finance point will asses participants ability to multi-manage an organization’s budget, financial planning and wealth management. Teams will present their approach on the solution of the case and will be assessed according to their participation.

Crisis Point

Based on a real world business case, participants will be faced with an immense crisis while they are trying to find an adaptable solution to the case and the crisis in the meantime. This Point will advance participants ability to asses the risks and provide solutions while considering the scarcity of resources. Critical thinking and creativity are two fundamental requirements for this point. Teams will present how they responded to the crisis and will be asses according to their responsiveness and elasticity.

Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch is designed to simulate the time that is spent on an elevator in a plaza building. Participants are asked to persuade the manager with an immense time constraint. Attendees will be assessed individually.

The Finale

The Finale is designed to simulate a managing board meeting. The partner Business Point firm will moderate the meeting and participants are asked to present their views and convince the board for choosing their suggested solution. Participants will be assessed personally. This assessment will be made by sponsor company, influential academics and an independent audit committee.