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29-30 April 2023



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Most frequent questions and answers

3rd and 4th year (Junior and Senior) Students from Boğaziçi, Bilkent, Koç, Sabancı, İTÜ and ODTÜ Universities can apply to BusinessPoint.

Sure, you may. However, BusinessPoint focuses on the applications of 3rd and 4th year students from universities mentioned above. Thus, only exceptional applications will be considered.

BusinessPoint works with Human Resource Management companies in order to assess your application. In order to make sure that assessment is fair, BusinessPoint works with and independent audit committee which investigates each stage of decision making process.

Enhance Yourself!

Business Point allows participants to augment their business instincts. Our Alumni benefits from  an immense network provided by the Business Point. 

Meet people from the top ranking universities of Turkey. Earn a chance to meet with highly influential business leaders. Feel the gist of plaza life. Apply To BusinessPoint!

Unleash Your Potentıal!